What’s In a Business Name? Tons! Part II


Using short, simple and recognizable names were key to the success of these businesses. Of course product and services are high up on the list of what makes a business successful, but it starts with a memorable name.

Back in the day, businesses used to name their business with the phone book in mind. Basically, he or she that could get their business listed first, got the most response. As a result, you will see a lot of AAA Plumbing and Heating, A Grade Gravel or A Bank. Okay, I totally made up the last one, and not a very creative one, but the point is, that is how it used to work. Now it’s more about recognition, it needs to be recognized in a subject line, short enough to be tweeted and impactful enough that mobile devices will include it completely in its limited space.

The Icon Rule-While considering the length of your name, this would be a good time to consider the size of your logo. Once again, you must consider the size. If it won’t fit onto a mobile device then it won’t be remembered. Unfortunately, people will remember what isn’t working on your site and not so much about what is.

Purchase decisions are being made on mobile devices, there are numerous surveys and research done on this subject. Your choices, whether on-board with these concepts or not, are the driving force that you need to reckon with. So keep this in mind when creating your name. In my experience, I have found that simple is best. Go online to see famous and successful companies to get an idea of what it is I speak of. An excellent example is the simplicity that a lot of non-profit organizations have. They are very simple and usually silhouettes of animals, children or even hands.


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