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Odor Elimination | Thermal Fogger

Odor Removal Training

Our Odor Removal System completely eliminates a wide variety of unwanted odors using the best method of all of the different types of odor removing systems in the marketplace. The Ding King‘s Thermal Fogging Odor Removal System features a true odor oxidizing agent called Thermo 55.  This Odor Removal System features a highly concentrated, heat-activated formula designed to remove smoke odors caused by tobacco and fire damage. The Thermal Fogger Odor Removal Kit also provides for the permanent elimination of pet odors, moldiness and a variety of other annoying smells. Restaurants, RV’s, boats, buildings suffering fire or smoke damage and used car dealers are all your potential customers. Rental car fleets, limousine companies and businesses that have lot of cars that get traded in are also a great place to generate business. The Ding King’s Odor Removal Kit includes hands-on training and all the odor removal supplies you’ll need.



No two stone chips are identical. They may look alike, but they’re different in many ways. Some are as small as your fingernail, while other type of damage can be as large as a half dollar. As you can see, they come in many different shapes too.

Our user-friendly windshield repair system is super simple and easy to learn. The resins are of the highest quality available, allowing you to make repairs you’ll be proud of.

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