Two-Day Combo Paint Correction Vehicle Coatings Training Class

Our two-day paint correction training program is designed for anyone wanting to learn just what it takes to become a professional in the art of paint correction, wet sanding, paint buffing, and paint polishing. In addition, you’ll learn how important it is to protect that painted finish with some of the best paint protection products in the industry.

Your first step in the paint correction process is first learning all about paint and paint technology. If you don’t know about paint, how paint is laid down, and the different types of paint, how can you become a paint correction specialist? This is the key to your paint correction success!

Before and After Paint Correction
What a Difference a Day Makes
Learn 2 Day Paint Correction Course
Learn Paint Correction

This paint correction class will take you to an all-new level of what you offer your customers and clients and more importantly, getting paint correction done in record time, using the right technology, taking the correct steps, the proper use of tools, pads and chemicals and a paint correction system that truly work.

In this robust and very comprehensive two-day class you will learn:

    1. Selling paint correction services
    2. All about paint technology
    3. Removing paint defects
    4. Wet sanding
    5. Rotary buffing
    6. Orbital polishing

7. Fine paint finishing
8. Choice of machines
9. Use of chemicals
10. Choice of Pads
11. Paint protection
12. Liquid Coatings

This class instruction will be taught, in its entirety, by Mel Craig, a global leader and paint correction specialist for now almost 47 years. Mel has spent his entire career learning the art of paint correction. He teaches this class in a real working shop, under real working conditions on real customers cars. This is not a classroom set up environment like so many others offer.  This is the real deal…

Once completed, you will receive a legitimate and approved certifications in our accredited training programs in both, Paint Correction and Paint Protection and you’ll be well on your way to an entirely new business venture.

Master Paint Correction
Master Paint Correction

 Vehicle Coatings Training Class

Revivify Self Healing Coating
Revivify Self Healing Coating
Revivify Coating
Revivify Coating
Hands-On Training for our Revivify Ceramic Coating System We offer the most thorough hands-on training teaching you how to properly prep and apply ceramic coatings. Our Certified Experts will train and certify you with Revivify Ceramic Coatings. With our expert training and quality products, you’ll gain the knowledge and wisdom to help you build a profitable business.


  • Background and history of ceramic coatings
  • Current industry standards
  • Ceramic coatings -vs- polymers and waxes
  • Coating myths (and there are MANY!)
  • Communicating your services and client pricing
  • Coating matte/satin vinyl wrap finishes
  • What to do when it is time to re-coat
  • How long do coatings really last?
  • How important is coating hardness ratings?
  • Single and multiple-layer coating options
  • Plastic trim coating
  • Wheel and caliper coating
  • Glass coating
  • Textile and Leather coating
  • Understanding environmental conditions and curing times
  • Offering proper maintenance plans
  • Communicating to your clients the maintenance products needed
  • Classroom presentation and hands-on
  • Class limited to 4 students
  • Upon completion, you will receive a Ding King Certification
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