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CK1 ceramic coatings will provide vehicles with the deepest, richest, glossiest shine while providing a protective, hydrophobic barrier on top of the clear coat. Gone are the days of mud, bird droppings, and hard water spots penetrating the clear coat of the vehicle. Water, rain and snow will bead from the paint and make the car faster and easier to wash.

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Super High Gloss Ceramic Coating

CK1 Ceramic Coatings

CK1 ceramic coatings consist of a 2-stage process using a Base Coat, Top Coat application. Each primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide (SiO2). These two substances together form a molecular bond with a 9H hardness, that is hydrophobic in nature and forms a ceramic bond to the vehicle’s clear coat.

It insures your vehicles paint will have the ultimate shine possible along with permanent protection from blistering UV rays that dull and fade your paint while also helping to protect against oxidation, swirl marks, light scratches, water spots, bird droppings and corrosive road salt.

Permanent Protection

  • CK1 protects vehicles from the effects of acid rain, spotting, fading, oxidation and loss of gloss.

  • CK1 provides fabric protection for the interior fabric by preventing stains and discoloration.

  • CK1 leather protection prevents fading, discoloration, staining, premature aging and cracking, as well as rips and tears.

9H Hardness

When the surface cures, it creates a glass-like layer of coating that’s rated scale of above 9H. CK1 provides for 100% resistance against the damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals that vehicles are exposed to. 

Revivify Ceramic Coating

Wheels & Glass Products Available

We offer a complete line of products for wheels and brake calipers, glass and many other hard surface areas. Say goodbye to built up brake dust making your wheels look old and grimy. Rain will glide right off of your windshield making for safer driving conditions and better visibility.

Hand Applied Liquid Paint Ceramic Coatings
Hand Applied

Hand Applied Liquid Paint Coatings

Our liquid applied paint protection coating is the very best in the coating category. Our coating product is more like a liquid paint protection film offering levels of paint protection you won’t find in any traditional “ceramic type coating”

Most of your traditional, ceramic type coatings are made up of silica or titanium dioxides boasting tremendous hardness to offer paint protection.

CK1 is not a traditional, ceramic type coating. The durability, strength and hydrophobic properties is at a level of protection that will last for many years, storm after storm, washing after washing and in all kinds of normal driving conditions.


Self Healing Ceramic Coating
Easy to apply. Easy to level.
Ceramic Coating - Minor Wash Scratches & Swirl Marks Disappear
Minor Wash Scratches & Swirl Marks Disappear

Our pricing program depends upon the amount of paint correction we need to do as well as the size and overall condition of your vehicle.

We offer several areas of protection to include:

  • The painted surface
  • Wheels and brake calipers
  • Front grills
  • Headlamps
  • Rear view mirrors
  • PPF & Vinyl wrapped cars
  • Windshields and glass
  • All metal surfaces
  • Hard plastic trim
  • Leathers
  • A & B pillars
  • And much more!
Ceramic Coating Works On All Painted Surfaces
Works on all painted surfaces
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