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Auto detailing is an amazing business opportunity with features and benefits that makes car care, a career opportunity worth investigating.

We know there are many choices when it comes to getting trained and certified in the automotive appearance business. However, there are many “so called” scuffed bumpers, paint chips, auto detail schools and trainers that offer nothing more than deception, misleading information, and education that only ends up setting you up for failure and disappointment.

My name is Mel Craig. I’ve been in the auto detailing, car care and automotive appearance business for now, almost 50 years. I want to set the record straight on what your training programs should offer you to ensure you have a chance at success in a very competitive business.

Let me start by saying there is nothing like hands on training and here at The Ding King and The Detailing Pros, we make sure you get the training you’re looking for in a State approved vocational program. This means you’ve been trained “legally and professionally” by some of the best in the industry, in a real working detailing shop and not some set up classroom environment. This is what hands-on training is all about.

Did you know that these types of training and professional certification schools need to be approved by BPPVE, (Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education) which is of course a US Government run program?

When you attend anyone of our training programs, we are a State Accredited and Licensed Training Facility. This means that when you get your certification, its real, its legit and it’s a certification you can truly be proud of.

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There are very few of these types of auto detailing training schools here in the USA. Why? because they do not have the credentials through the US Government or their State Certification Vocational Programs to offer you a real certification or a real credential for completing your course or training programs.

Another fact in car care is there are many types of tools, supplies and chemicals needed to be a success in car care. There are many, many variables in paint, vehicle conditions, climates, and environments. This means that there is no “One Product” that works in all conditions. This is where you’re training truly makes a huge difference and, in our training programs, we introduce you to all the differences in the supplies, products and tools you may need to have total success.

When it comes to deciding on who, and where, to take your training class or get the training you need to truly be a success it’s important to follow the guidelines I’ve listed below.

What to look for first:

  1. Does your school or training facility have Evidence of accreditation?
  2. What are they offering you for the fees they are charging?
  3. Does the training have an official training curriculum?
  4. Are you being trained with selections and choices of tools, supplies and chemicals?
  5. Are you going to receive your official training manuals along with your training?
  6. Are you being trained in a certified, and real working training facility?
  7. Are you being trained by a State certified training professional?
  8. Is your instructor experienced in training and dealing with multiple students?
  9. Does your instructor have evidence of his ability to train you to success?
  10. Does your school and your instructor have ongoing support after training?
  11. A copy of the institution’s catalog and legal enrollment agreement before paying?
  12. Does the school comply with the requirements of the Student Tuition Recovery Fund?
  13. Is the school recognized by the Unites States as an “Accredited School?
  14. Are they approved by the BPPVE, (Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education)?
  15. We instruct you on many types of chemicals, tools and supplies to help you make the right decisions on what you’ll need going into your new or existing business.
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What to be aware of:

  1. An unlicensed school with no Evidence of Accreditation with the training they offer.
  2. A program designed to mislead you into the purchase of their proprietary tools, supplies and chemicals.
  3. A training facility “Set Up” which is a misleading training program demonstrating unlawful and deceptive training practices.
  4. A training instructor with no credentials and no legal right to teach.
  5. A training program that cannot be backed up by “Fact Checking”
  6. Having multiple trainers changed up throughout the training program.
  7. Being forced to use their own branded chemicals, tools and supplies.
  8. Instructors that have almost no real experience in car care.
  9. Instructors that can’t support you and your success after training.
  10. No staff available to support you, your endeavors and your ongoing success.
  11. Lack of proper training tools, equipment and supplies.
  12. No business training or business support for your ongoing training.
  13. No marketing program or marketing support to help you with your marketing program.
  14. The training facility has not been built for training and education.
  15. Training is offered on “Set Up” vehicles designed to mislead you in real working conditions.

I’ve experienced, firsthand, so many students that have experienced these challenging issues. It’s your responsibility to make the right choice. To be sure your investment in training offers you an ROI, (Return on Investment) and that your investment in training is respected and treated with a level of importance for each student, your families and all your business endeavors.

Here at Ding King and The Detailing Pros we have your best interest at heart. We want your success because the more successful you are, the more successful we are.

Remember, with us, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. We are here to support you in every way we can now, and for many years to come. It’s like having a Vice President in your back pocket at no additional cost to you.

Give us a call, let’s find out what you want to do, make a plan and let’s make it a reality!

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