Realizing you’re only as good as your products and or tools, The Ding King Auto Detail School has simplified the process of owning and operating your automotive detailing business by providing you with only the highest quality detail products and tools available today.

Whether you’re looking for a complete detail package to operate your mobile detail business or looking for that special wax or polish to add to your detail shop, The Ding King provides it all under one roof.

There’s no substitute for hands-on training and that’s the only way we teach auto detailing; hands-on! Unlike other websites just looking to “generate a buck”, we don’t’ offer training videos to teach you this business. Videos do not prepare you to become an industry professional and selling you them would be irresponsible and quite frankly a waste of your time!

work on cars at a more comfortable height

We seek to provide serious goal oriented individuals with the proper knowledge, detail equipment and state of the art detail chemicals necessary to perform jobs professionally and efficiently. With your success being our success, we provide you with everything you’ll need to operate a successful detailing business!

All equipment and supplies can be purchased a la carte. Whatever your needs, we promise you you’ll find only the highest quality detailing waxes and polishes, detailing supplies, detailing equipment and technical support available.

Equipment & Supply Packages

The Ding King Auto Detail School provides you with the option of choosing from two equipment and supply packages for starting your auto detailing business.

  • The Starter Package is just that; for an individual just starting a n auto detailing business. This package comes with one of each of all our most popular chemicals to get your business off the ground.
  • The Professional Package includes 4 of each of all of our chemicals, which allows for high volume shops or detailers the necessary inventory required to perform services both from mobile units as well as from a detail shop.

Microfiber Towels

Colors are coordinated and designed for work and ease of use with no confusion:

  • Yellow Towels: For interior cleaning, leathers, and interior trim
  • Blue Towels: For streak free crystal-clear glass
  • Black Towels: For engine bays, wheels, door jams and other dirty areas on the cars.
  • Grey Towels: Perfect for your Revivify and other Coating products. The best towels for leveling any coating product you offer.
  • Green Towels: For exterior paint, compounds, and polish removal

Our 16”x16” our Multi-Surface Towel is a great microfiber cleaning towel for any job. We designed these high-quality microfiber towels with professional cleaners, compounds, polishes, and coatings in mind.

They’re manufactured to be extra soft, more absorbent, and more durable than all other all-purpose microfiber towels on the market. They’re lint-free microfiber towels and are made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers which allow the cloths to clean aggressively without being abrasive. They are safe to use on automotive paints, high shine and high gloss finishes, windows, smooth and coarse surfaces as well as being used in the aeronautic and marine industries. 

Orbital Polishers

There are two types of orbital polishers. One is called the Radom Orbital Polisher and the other is called the Forced Rotation Orbital Polisher. For the most part, and in the car care industry, the better choice is by far, the Random Orbital Polisher due to its ease of use, safety during use, and how easy it is to control.

The random orbital polisher has long been promoted as the safest paint correction tool. Random orbital car polishers move in two directions as an option to the gear driven, high-speed rotary buffer. The rotary buffer is actual designed as the ultimate paint correction tool and can be very dangerous in paint correction which makes the random orbital polisher the safer choice in a paint correction and paint polishing.

Our Favorite Polisher

However, the random orbital polisher lacks the ability to do “Heavy Paint Correction” and can add several hours if not additional days to any paint correction process. If you ask, can the random orbital polisher offer a paint correction finish? The answer would more likely yes. But again, the time involved in getting the paint correction process completed could end up taking way too much time and time is money.

Our Orbital Polisher eliminates swirls, scratches, & other paint flaws to leave the paint looking flawless
Orbital Polishers are perfect for all types of paint correction

Random orbital polishers are especially great for those who are just getting started in car care. Its also the perfect choice for the “do it yourselfer” looking to polish up their own paint with results that are equally suited to that of a professional. It’s an easy tool to use and with minimal instruction, the user of an orbital tool can be polishing paint in no time.

There are three basic spin and orbit sizes on each of the random machines. The 21mm, the 15mm and the 8mm which is the size of the orbit, random rotation the tool offers. The two correct choices for car care would be the 15mm and the 8mm both are great for paint correction and the 8mm will offer a more perfect finish.

As a leader in the car care industry, I have been using all of these tools over a 45-year career in car care and paint correction. I have perfected the use of both the random orbital polisher as well as the high-profile rotary buffer.

My recommendation would be the MaxShine, handheld, random orbital polisher. This recommendation is due to this tool being very light weight, very easy to hold, small enough for anyone to use, amazing torque, awesome power, and the amount of paint correction cannot be found in any other random tool sold on the market today. In addition one of the sweetest features of this tool is the price tag which comes in a very nice tool under the $100 mark. Compare this to the very expensive $200 to $500 tools and you have the best in class in the palm of your hands.

The Clean Pro Plus Steamer

Portable Auto Detailing Steamer

The Clean Pro Plus 300CS is a workhorse of a steam cleaner. Featuring continuous refill technology, that lets you add water without shutting the machine down, this commercial grade steam cleaner is an excellent choice for both mobile and fixed location auto detailing businesses, and easily reaches temperatures up to 310 degrees and pressure levels up to 75PSI. The 300CS is so powerful that it cuts through grease, mold, grime, dirt, stains and kills germs, bacteria and viruses leaving a germ free very clean environment.

The Clean Pro Plus 300CS is a durable, commercial grade steam cleaner designed for all day, everyday use. Perfect for steam cleaning the entire car, interior of a car, engine detailing, wheel cleaning, or those stubborn, hard to reach places this is the steam cleaner every detailer should own.

The Clean Pro Plus 300CS features a nice size, 2-liter stainless steel boiler and 3-liter non-pressurized refill chamber.  Continuous refill is an in-line heat systems that allows refilling while the machine is on and operating which saves massive amounts of time.  Machines without this important feature require users to shut down, refill, and reheat the competitive machines. Continuous refill, on the other hand, enables operators to refill the machine while working for non-stop cleaning. 

Other uses of this amazing, high-grade, stainless-steel beauty is steam cleaning home appliances, bathrooms, kitchens, kids’ toys, kids car seats and with the floor mounted attachment you can disinfect and clean the entire home environment for that clean, germ and virus free lifestyle you truly want to live in for the whole family to enjoy.

All Daimer steam cleaners have a lifetime boiler warranty, 3-year parts warranty, and 1 year labor warranty.  We always want customers to find the best unit for their application, and our qualified staff is happy to discuss your needs to find the best fit for you.

Continuous Refill
Full Accessory Kit: 

  • Including 10 detail brushes.
  • Nozzle sprayers
  • Upholstery tools 
  • Floor attachments
  • Extension wands
  • Refill bottle
Accessories for
Clean Pro Plus 300CS
Clean Pro Plus 300CS

Anti-Bacterial, mold and germ cleaning

Replaceable Heating Elements

Stainless Steel Housing

Stainless Steel 2 Liter Boiler / 3 Liter Refill Chamber

No burn, poly hoses with heavy duty plastic upholstery tools

Efficient Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners for the Price-Conscious Buyer

You do not have to stretch your budget to purchase our high-quality commercial vapor steam cleaners. We offer a commercial grade vapor steam cleaner that are:

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • High performing
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Affordable steamer

Daimer’s vapor steam cleaners one of the more powerful, efficient, commercial grade steamers on the market today. That is due to the fact our commercial steam cleaners are built for operating for hours under rigorous conditions. In a commercial setting, where time is money, and you need your steamer to work for you this is the machine that won’t let you down.

Everyday detailing tasks become easier, faster, safer, and efficient when you use this amazing, steam cleaning machine. We are way ahead of our time with a reputation for innovative features and quality design, not to mention great customer service.

The Clean Pro Plus 300CS, is popular for both the professional auto detailer or for the do-it-yourself person looking for the perfect, home and private use machine you can count on for many years of use.

This machine works hard and attains temperatures as high as 310 degrees Fahrenheit. It features pressure levels as high as 75 PSI and contains a durable stainless-steel boiler for the hard-working detailer in you.

Carpet & Fabric Extractors

Mytee HP-100 Hot Water Carpet Extractor

The HP-100 carpet extractor is extremely popular among auto detailing professionals for its durability and reliability. We’ve selected the Mytee brand because it’s proven itself to get the job done quickly and professionally. This machine is “The King” of extractors. Not only does it offer continuous hot water for fast deep cleaning, it also features one of the industries most powerful vacuums for efficient extraction and faster drying time.

Pressure Washers

Our pressure washers are designed to handle water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard features include adjustable pressure, trigger gun with insulated wand and adjustable pattern 0 to 60 degree spray tip and twist fast quick couplers on hoses. The pump has ceramic plungers with replaceable stainless steel valves, forged crankshaft, roller bearings in oil bath lubrication. Additionally, they are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter for operator safety.

Mobile Wash Mat

There are a variety of different laws as it pertains to washing, so why not be compliant anytime, anywhere with our heavy-duty mobile wash mat. They are environmentally friendly and are manufactured from durable vinyl and heat-welded and sewn for the durability required.

Detail Trailers

We offer you a variety of detail trailers to select from. All are custom built to help you to be highly efficient and highly organized. They look super and will definitely help to project a professional image. Please call to discuss your needs and objectives so we can help you choose the proper trailer for your needs.

Air Movers

This MYTEE Air Mover will help dry wet carpets and interiors more quickly. Excellent for automotive mats, upholstery seats and carpet. The stackable A9700 Auto Air Mover is an excellent add-on for detailers who use hot water extractors for cleaning the interior of the vehicle.

Carpet Dye Package

Our Carpet Dye system is portable and fits in the back of any mobile truck or even a compact vehicle. Setup is quick and easy, just match the vehicle’s carpet color to our easy color reference guide. Pick your toner, add water and that’s it!

Clean the carpet and KEEP IT CLEAN with plastic carpet protectors. Enhance the vehicles image with “Dealer Must Remove” plastic floor mats. They protect carpeting during demos, transport or maintenance.

Application is easy. Simply unroll sheets of self-adhesive carpet protective film at perforation, tear it off and fit to the carpeted area. Each piece of film is 3-mil thick and is printed with “Dealer Must Remove”. Unlike the old paper mats, these won’t crumple or shred, which often leaves the carpeting unprotected and dirty.

Auto Dealers everywhere are starting to request the installation of these carpet protectors on both the driver and passenger side for all their pre-owned vehicles. They install quickly and efficiently with dealerships paying up to $20 a car with a product cost of only $2, per a recent automotive reconditioning trade article.

Additionally, they are very popular with auto detailers after the carpets have been cleaned or dyed. Each job takes less than 5 minutes to install and is growing in popularity.

Odor Removal System

Completely eliminate a wide variety of unwanted odors inside automobiles using The Ding King’s Thermal Fogging System. Our system features a true odor oxidizing agent that eliminates the source of odors due to smoke, mustiness, decayed matter and a variety of other odors. It doesn’t merely cover up odors; it removes even the smallest particles from the vehicle’s interior. Our system comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for easy reference. You can remove unwanted odors in any type of vehicle in less than half an hour…..Guaranteed.

With a choice of 4 separate and unique deodorizers, you can attack the odor’s source. The result is a fresh, original scent.

Clay Products

Clay bars are definitely the most effective way for correcting contamination on the vehicle paint surface. Such contamination is usually the build up of tiny metal shavings from rail dust, brake dust, and industrial fallout. If left untreated, it can cause serious damage to the painted surface, such as tiny rust spots. Clay bars, used in conjunction with clay lubricant are also effective at removing tree sap, water spots, overspray, as well as other surface contaminants.

Clay Bar Grades

  • Dark Blue-Light/Medium Aggressive
  • Light Blue – Medium/Heavy Aggressive
  • Purple – Heavy Aggressive

Clay bars are excellent for removing industrial fallout, paint overspray, oxidation, and more. They won’t scratch the paint surface and are easy to use.

Clay Lubricant

Clay Lubricant is formulated to give detailing clay that slippery, easy glide, reduced drag performance. It has specially designed lubricates that helps clay perform better and last longer.

Compounds and Polishes

In order to perform at the high-end of auto detailing, you need proper training on what types of compounds and polishes are used to correct and protect painted surfaces.

With proper wax and polish application, paint will be protected from the damage caused by UV rays, industrial fallout, and acid rain. When enrolled in one of our auto detailing classes, you’ll learn how to use auto polish and clear coat compounds to eliminate clear coat scratches, acid rain, industrial fallout and oxidation. Classes are taught by certified instructors and will give you the best tips for a wide variety of polishing techniques.

Clear Coat Compound – Safe for Clear Coats

Super fast cut, removes 1500 to 2000 grit sanding marks, minor paint defects and light oxidation. Restore gloss; prepare surfaces for wax or glazing. No silicone or wax.

Clear Coat Polish – Finish Glaze

Designed for clear coat finishes; this polish is long lasting, detergent resistant and produces a high gloss glaze. Excellent when use with foam polishing pads.

Chrome & Alloy Polish

If you’re looking for to provide your customer’s alloy or chrome wheels with a brilliant shine and protective shield, then you’ll love our chrome and alloy polish. It provides unbeatable protection, durability and overall high effectiveness. It even helps deflect brake dust, dirt and abrasives that would normally harm the wheel’s finish.

It’s non-abrasive, easy to use and prevents water and dirt from sticking to the surface, providing the longest shine and protection.

Waxes & Sealants

Our complete line of custom formulated waxes, polishes, compounds, cleaners, glazes and specialty cleaning products deliver quality results every time. Our products are designed for all surfaces including Basecoat/Clearcoat paint systems. They are used extensively for professional detailing of automobiles, airplanes, and boats. We specialize in products that are environmentally friendly and that are designed to meet or exceed rigid safety compliance standards.

Express Detail Wax – Liquid Carnauba Paste Wax

Express Detail Wax is quick dry, low dust, high gloss and provides long-lasting Carnauba Wax protection. Use it in the sun or on a wet surface. Excellent for new car prep or used vehicle express detailing. It is the highest quality blend of 100% pure carnauba and detergent resistant polymers. It contains 100% pure carnauba wax, the hardest natural wax available that protects auto finishes from rain, acid rain, salt, dust, and water spotting! The depth of shine on clear & non-clear coat finishes is simply unmatched.

It goes on easy and comes off easy. There is virtually no powder, smear or residue and it won’t stain plastic, rubber or vinyl trim moldings.

Premium Cherry Carnauba Wax

We call it “The Wet Look Wax”! It’s especially great for black and red paints because it gives a deep, rich, high gloss finish that protects all paint finishes from oxidation and harmful road substances. See the difference – feel the shine! You’ll absolutely love the results.

Quick Detail Spray Wax – Final Lustre – Showroom Shine Enchancer

Removes dust, fingerprints, buffing residue and other shine inhibiters. Excellent for paint, glass, chrome, plastic, vinyl, and wood veneers. No smearing or streaking. Great for keeping dark colored cars looking “just washed”.

Polymer Polish – Clear Coat Paint Sealant

A macro molecule combination of organic, inorganic and synthetic monomers; this polish seals and protects paint from oxidation and damaging UV rays. It’s detergent resistant and is one of the highest quality sealants available in the marketplace.


Dressings provide that final touch for making a vehicle look pampered. You’ll find all of our dressings easy to apply and provide long lasting shine and brilliance.

Tire Dressing

This tire dressing is designed to quickly dry and provide water resistance; the final touch for tires, rubber moldings and rubber bumpers. It gives rubber a deep long lasting natural sheen.

Trim Dressing

It’s important to protect your customer’s interior from the damage inflicted by the sun and dirt brought in from the outside. There are three areas of interior care: cleaning, protecting, and dressing. Our trim dressing has been scientifically formulated to protect, shine and nourish rubber, vinyl, plastic and even leather. It’s guaranteed to protect from fading, cracking and peeling.

This is an all purpose dressing for lasting hold and shine for all trim pieces. It’s excellent for vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather. It’s non-tacky and blocks UV rays and is easily applies by sponge, spray or wipe on application.

Engine Dressing – Protector

This engine dressing repels water, maintains an extra high gloss shine and gives the engine compartment that “detailed look”. It’s easy to apply and safe to use. Always apply to a cool engine compartment and never apply to engine components when engine is on.

Black Trim Renewal

This step will significantly improve the final appearance of a vehicle and is designed to eliminate all white residue left over from polishes and waxes. Also included are tips for preventing “white out” for exterior trim.

Cleaners, Degreasers & Shampoos

All Ding King Auto Detail cleaners, degreasers and shampoos are environmentally friendly and provide efficient and quality results.

Spot & Stain Remover

Our spot & stain remover has been designed for quality removal for spots and small stains on the fabric, upholstery and carpet on the vehicle’s interior. It’s non-hazardous and the results are excellent.

All Purpose Cleaner

Our all-purpose cleaner is designed for general cleaning for both interior and exteriors of all vehicles. It’s excellent for cleaning metal, rubber, vinyl, plastic and is safe to use on most surfaces.

Glass Cleaner

Ding King’s glass cleaner provides excellent results for cleaning windows, mirrors and chrome. lt clean in seconds and dries fast, all with no streaks and no smears or residue. It contains no ammonia and has a fresh clean scent.

Engine Degreaser

Degrease is a water based, alkali type cleaner which is extra strong and provides extra fast cleaning of tough grease found on engines. Although designed primarily for cleaning engines, it’s great for trunks, door jams, wheels, tires and rims. Just apply and rinse clean.

Bug & Tar Remover

Formula 20 Bug & Tar Remover is VOC Compliant and is excellent for removing dried up bug and tar debris, as well as gum, grease and glue from all painted surfaces.

Carwash Shampoo

Wash & Shine car wash shampoo is premium high suds wash soap. It’s thick, concentrated, economical and biodegradable and excellent for hand car washing. It easily rinses clean and will not streak.

Carpet & Fabric Extractor Solution

Carpet & fabric extractor solution is a great cleaner and can be used as either a pre-spotter or directly in the extractor.

Convertible Top & Plastic Window Protection

Badly stained convertible tops or just tops requiring some light cleaning will benefit from our line of convertible top and plastic window cleaners and protectors.

Top Cleaner

Great for lifting off dirt and grease, our top cleaner safely removes even the toughest roof soils and stains, including tree sap and bird droppings. It rinses off easily and provides excellent cleaning power.

Top Protector

Our top protector brings back to life the appearance of older vinyl and plastic tops. Water repellency and UV protection are just some of the features.

Clear Plastic Cleaner

Our clear plastic cleaner is ideal for rear convertible plastic windows and plastic instrument panels. It’s excellent for removing fine scratches from clear plastics. Its non-abrasive formula will not dry white and is most commonly applied by hand but can be applies with an orbital buffer.

Clear Plastic Polish

Our clear plastic polish is ideal for rear convertible plastic windows and plastic instrument panels. It’s excellent for improving optical clarity from clear plastics and will aid in protecting from the harsh effects of the sun. Its non-abrasive formula will not dry white and is most commonly applied by hand but can be applies with an orbital buffer.

Leather Products

Cleaning and conditioning leather is extremely important to maintaining a soft and durable surface. They are designed to cleans, beautify and protect all leather surfaces. Once applied, they leave no greasy or tacky residues.

Leather Cleaner

Our leather cleaner cleans and protects leather surfaces without leaving surfaces greasy or slippery. It’s excellent for cleaning all types of surface dirt quickly and easily.

Leather Conditioner

Our leather conditioner not only maintains and revitalizes your customer’s leather seats, but also nourishes it with a rich formulation of non greasy ingredients. It helps to provide UV protection and helps to block damaging UV rays. It provides a protective barrier and will help to repel dirt and stains while conditioning and protecting, leaving leather soft and supple.

Wash & Dry Supplies

Here you’ll the supplies necessary to wash, dry and apply waxes, polishes and wash chemicals.

Wash Pad

This car wash pad is constructed from synthetic fibers and while soft, is durable for heavy duty cleaning use after use. It’s double-faced and will not scratch the car’s paint.

Wash Glove

This wash glove fits nicely over your hand and will glide across the surface of the car, allowing you to move more quickly. It’s double–faced and constructed from 100% cotton.

Bug Sponge

This bug sponge is super absorbent and makes cleaning bug grime easy. It’s gritty mesh surface with wipe away grime with no harm to the paint.


Chamois towels absorb a great deal of liquid, making them a useful tool for quickly drying. If you’ve ever tried to dry a car with a regular towel, you know how quickly they can lose their absorption. Chamois towels hold up to 10 times their weight and can be used over and over by simply ringing them dry.

Wax Applicators

These wax applicators are super durable and extremely soft. They are excellent for applying waxes and polishes to any surface.


If soft enough for “a baby’s bottom”, why not your customers vehicle? You’ll find our diapers to be extra soft and great for light smudges and for removing streaks left by wax. They also provide excellent absorption for spot drying and are useful for useful for dust removal.

Micro Fiber Towels

Micro fiber towels are great for quick touch-ups and won’t scratch the surface of the vehicle. Simply glide the towel along the paint and watch as dust is removed. Micro fiber towels are also great for cleaning up wax streaks and other slight smudges. Our towels are hypoallergenic and super safe for all clear coats.


We’ve assembled the most commonly used brushes for washing and detailing all areas of the vehicle. This package includes one of each of the following brushes.

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