Rain Day Detailing

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It’s Raining – What’s a detailer to do?

umbrellaIts that time of year again when the days are shorter and the rain season is upon all detailers. If you’re like most mobile car detail companies you own a detail trailer and it is the trailer where the hidden income is found.

Your detail trailer can be used as a rain gutter clean out system using your high pressure water gun. Simply get a top your small ladder and with your wash gun spray and clean out all the leaves and debris from the gutters. This process takes about 30 minutes including the clean up. On average you can charge a flat fee of around $50. In order do this properly and actually get some business I would recommend creating a flyer that outlines your services. A simple flyer can be made with Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Create another flyer and tailer this one for Auto Mechanics. Advertise your expert steam cleaning trailer with all its horsepower, RRRRR…. and so on. Mechanics always sub-contract out engine steam cleans so that detecting leaks is easier not to mention keeping themselves cleaner while working underneath the engine. We also recommend bringing a good floor jack so you can lift the front of the vehicle off the ground and access the underside properly. We recently polled a few local mobile detailers and the average charge for a top and bottom engine steam clean was $50.

Our last money making suggestion is to offer driveway steam cleaning service, create your flyers again and target certain neighborhoods each week by placing 100 flyers on the homes doorsteps. Start off with 100 so you can track and keep statistics on your efforts Use this time when it is raining to do the foot work with the flyers. This type of marketing does work and while the return is not that of a phone book ad, you will get jobs from this. It sure beats sitting at home while its raining, all the while you should be making an investment in your business with this down time.

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