Wax Frequency

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How Often Should A Car Be Waxed?

This question can bring many opinions and myths. We will shed some light on the myths and give you our information.

Myth #1: My car has 4 coats of wax applied.

Fact: When ever wax is applied any residue and or previous wax application is stripped off and replaced with the new application.

Myth #2 My car has a clear coat; I do not have to wax clear coat.

Fact: Clear coat is just that; a clear layer of paint over the colored layer of paint. Clear coat being paint itself, must have wax applied to protect it as well.

Myth #3 My car has a treatment form the dealer and or detail center that requires no waxing ever.

Fact: Read the fine print in your warranty at time of purchase, it will clearly state that once a month a conditioner must be applied to maintain the warranty. Take a guess as to what that conditioner is…you guessed it, wax.

The Real Truth: How Often Should You Wax Your Car

Like skin on our bodies, paint and clear coat must be kept clean and protected. Think of hand and body lotion as wax for your skin. If your car is hand washed once a week and garage kept, depending on your geographic location, you can go as long as 90 days before needing to apply wax. If the vehicle is black and or you reside in an extreme environment, it should be waxed every 45 days.


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