Window Tinting Training

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Window Tinting Training

  • 2 Days of Window Tinting Training
  • Pre-Installation Preparation
  • Pattern Preparation for Side Glass
  • Installation to Side Glass
  • Pattern Preparation for Rear Windows
  • Installation to Rear Windows
  • Final Inspection – Trouble Shooting

Window Tinting

It seems like window tint installation for automobiles is increasing in demand as more and more people become aware of the protective and aesthetic benefits. Not to mention, car owners have identified with the window tinting benefits that window film installation has provided.  In turn, they are using the film as a solution to many on-going problems including sun damage, personal health, safety and security. The window tinting industry is a highly profitable trade and is also in great demand. Often becoming your own boss can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. You can start big with your own shop, do mobile work from your vehicle, or even start from your own garage. Our window tinting training is conducted by a 30 year window tint professional. Additionally, all of our courses are hands-on and taught in a 1-on-1 environment. As a student of our window tinting course you will learn the the know how on advanced tinting techniques.  In short, not only will you learn the technical aspect of window tinting but you will also learn some tips and tricks of the trade. Lastly, our 2 day window tinting training course will take you through all aspects of window tinting techniques. Because, these techniques are designed to take you from having no experience of handling films to a level where you can leave with fresh knowledge to tint a wide variety of different makes and models of vehicles.

The More You Learn. The More You Earn.

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