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Paint Protection Film Application Training

The application of PPF, paint protection film is an art and should only be done by a highly trained and certified applicators. Once you complete our PPF Paint Protection Film Training application course you will know exactly what to do for all makes and models you’ll be working with. Paint protection film is the ultimate level of paint protection because of its very thick, clear, vinyl, membrane that is stretched over the surface of the paint. Most of the films applied today are an average of 5 to 6 mils thick. These films are much more protective than any waxes, sealants, or liquid coatings.
Paint Protection Film Training
Paint Protection Film Training
Complete PPF Installation
Complete PPF Installation

Auto Detail School Certified Instructors will tech you the fine nuances on how to measure, cut and apply like a pro. Like anything, practice make perfect so practicing your newly learned skills as a PPF installer is of utmost importance.
Auto Detail School film choice protects the vehicles painted surfaces from small flying objects, road debris, projectiles, all kinds of driving conditions and the wrath of mother natures in all kinds of weather conditions. Our film is not only just a level of protection but the different films we use depends on the type of paint we work on for its overall performance. You won’t find a better film to operate your new PPF business than that we use during our classes at Auto Detail School.

Things you’ll learn in our Clear Bra PPF classes are things like the following are the types of film that should not and cannot be applied to any type of aftermarket paint and is designed for manufactures OEM paint only. If film is applied to after-market paint, body shop repaired paint, or after-market custom paint, it will do its job, however, if the film ever needs to be replaced for any reasons at all, it can and most certainty will pull paint during the removal process. We highly recommend using Revivify Liquid Coatings on all after-market paint to be sure the paint is protected but without fear of paint damage.  
Paint protection film is not perfect by any means. A highly trained professional applicator will do everything he can to ensure the perfect application of the film. However, there are many variables and challenges during the application process that can result is minor film defects that cannot be 100% removed. Film itself is not a perfect product and actually come with manufacture flaws that are part of the film. Again these variables are what we will teach you while you learn how to become a professional PPF applicator.

Clear Bra PPF
Clear Bra
Learn To Remove PPF Correctly
Learn to Remove PPF Correctly

It is highly recommended that the paint be paint corrected prior to the application of paint protection film, so if you don’t know paint polishing well, you may consider adding on a one day course on paint protection so you have no issues. This is an important step in the cosmetic appearance as well as getting the best performance from the paint protection film applied. However, even with a full paint correction, some paint blemishes and paint defects can be an issue and may show with the final completion of the film application process. As you can see, there is a lot to learn and we will make sure we teach you this important information in your PPF class.

We back up all our PPF applications according to our manufactures warrantees and stand behind our work against any of our labor and our application process. And that’s precisely what you will do when you begin performing work for your customers. Allow Auto Detail School to teach you how to become a professional paint protection film applicator.

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