What’s In a Business Name? Tons! Part III


Silhouettes are easy to remember, and if you ask anyone, they may not remember the name but they will remember the design. Just recently I heard someone describe the non-profit they contribute to as the one with the hands. See? My point exactly. People are visual but easy on the eyes visual. Not complicated. Which is probably why the funny pages are so delightful. They are stimulating on so many levels but not complicated.

Finally, the Social Media Rule-Securing website domains will be your greatest quest as well as securing your name on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Reddit and so many, many more. Creating accounts that will get your name out to the public is the name of the game. Even if you are unable to post to these accounts just yet, save your space. Meaning, don’t let someone else steal your company name. Owning the account name and website domain names secures your position. If you have to use other names or pseudonyms for your account name because someone else is already uses it is not that hard. If your company name is Collision Repair, which I can assure you is gone, then you could use Collision Repair 1, Collision 1, Auto Repair 1 or something like that. Even something as simple as CR would work. It will just be hugely important that you post on these sites so that your full name is readily available for those interested. You will have to draw them in with catchy pictures and/or videos. If you build them, they will come.

Creating the framework for your name and everything associated with it will be paramount in building your business. Use the resources online to help you, use your Thesaurus and ask around among friends and family. Every suggestion is a good suggestion so don’t discredit any ideas as dumb ideas. You just never know.

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