Overcoming the Absence of Curb Appeal for PDR Technicians Part I



Just because you don’t have a body shop doesn’t mean you can’t add appeal in other ways.

Wouldn’t you say that was exactly why you got into a mobile business? No overhead which means no lease payments and no electricity to pay for. I could go on and on with why you should be thankful you are mobile.

So how do you make a mobile business as popular as a shop that has neon signs? Well you need to get creative.

An example of a shop that had to get creative comes out of Grafton, Wisconsin. What started as a massive renovation became even more monumental with a fire. Now, the owner is in a cramped trailer serving as office space, peering through steel bars and foggy glass looking and hoping for business.

Potential customers venture onto the property and come to a complete stop about halfway to the finish line, and then turn around and leave. The front of the construction site is a wall of construction which includes the scaffolding, tape, tons of dirt and two-by-fours strewn all over. Not an inviting picture.

This renovation and fire recovery has gone on for just under a year and being cramped in a 20’ x 10’ trailer space is almost unbearable. The inviting atmosphere is just not there but what keeps him going is the dream of greater. A look to match the quality of service.

With a mobile unit, this should be the same goal. It’s about strategizing and going back to basics using barebones methods of winning over customers. Building customer trust will be your main point of focus. One sure fire way to do that is to get your name on the minds of your community. This can be done in several ways but one would be to get magnetic signs on your vehicle, including the back end.

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