Overcoming the Absence of Curb Appeal for PDR Technicians Part II


If you can afford to get your vehicle wrapped or painted with the company name then great. This however, is not usually the case. Most are starting on shoestrings and need to cut costs as much as possible. So the magnetic signs make more sense and are very affordable.

Your next greatest asset is your attitude. How you do your estimates needs to be comprehensive and encouraging, filled with energy and solutions. Interacting with your customers effectively and yet with personality is key. You cannot just go out there and grunt a few words, you need to engage with your customers. If you’re really not good at this you might want to consider some communication classes to become a pro at it. It’s the difference between making money and not.

If you’re working with insurance companies, then your potential customers aren’t really concerned about the cost, since most of that will be covered. What they are concerned about is making a connection with the one that will be working on their car. It is still their personal property, some would even call their car their ‘baby’. They have to trust you with this extension of their lives, they need to know that you are just as concerned for their ‘baby’ as they are.

So how do you narrow down how to gain customers when you don’t have curb appeal? You’ve got to focus your marketing and customer service efforts by doing the following:

Your phone is your first line of contact: Nearly every customer will come to you via website or direct phone call. Have a clear standard of communicating your processes so that there is no misunderstanding later. Be prepared to describe the details as if you were being questioned by the police. Don’t overstuff, get to the point in a quick and efficient manner.

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