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Professionally Repair Windshields in 15 Mins

windshield-repairThe Windshield Repair Industry grosses over one billion dollars each year! As someone already working with cars, this is a natural addition to your auto detailing or automotive appearance repair business.

Typical clients of windshield repair include:

  • Fleets
  • Insurance companies
  • Used car dealers
  • Car rental companies
  • Retail Consumer
  • The History of Windshield Repair

classic redThe Windshield repair Industry has been in existence for over 25 years and continues to blossom. What makes this such a great business is windshields have become a complex component of the automobile, with built in defrosters, antennas and other high tech gadgetry which translates into an expensive item to replace. This opens up a door for glass repair technicians to repair them quickly and inexpensively. The national average for glass repair is approximately $35-$45, with cost of materials of less than a dollar, while the cost to replace a windshield is over $300.

Ding King’s Windshield Repair Training Program:

Regulation & Certification

front seatWith several states requiring windshields be repaired prior to auto registration, several state agencies are now beginning to regulate the windshield repair business. Our quality training and state certification will allow you to market your business to insurance companies and the consumer alike. Patented technology, innovative resins and certifed training are what you will receive from The Ding King Training Institute.

Mounting Brackets – Injectors – Resins

Mounting Brackets

Our mounting bracket will allow you to repair glass in all areas of the vehicle, including damage near the edges of the glass. It’s adjustable to repair corner areas and runs smoothly across the windshield for curved areas as well. The Ding King mounting bracket will reach all areas of the windshield.


Our injector is patented worldwide and is manufactured from stainless steel, allowing for quick vacuum and pressure. They are guaranteed for life and will not wear down or break under any circumstances. You’ll find it effictive for quick speedy repair drawing out all the trapped air by using a “hi-vac” vacuum system and pressure chamber. It’s excellent for repairing all types of glass chips.


High quality resins can mean the difference between a beautiful repair and a yellowish poor quality repair. Our resins are manufactured from the highest quality materials and come in different viscosities to allow you to efficiently repair stone chips, bullseyes, star breaks and small cracks.

classic-windshield4Customer Support

Ding King is there for you before and after the sale. We’ve been is business for 12 years and understand the importance of customer care. We are committed to providing you with answers to your questions and assist you in any way we can.

Marketing Your Services

As a Ding King customer, you’ll be enrolled with our “Certified Vendor” program with all of the major insurance companies and glass repair networks. These companies will recognize you as a repair technician in a specific region of the country and will automatically refer work your way. Additionally, we’ll educate you on the secrets to starting and running a successful glass repair business.

The Ding King Glass Repair System is guaranteed for life and promises to provide you with years of quality repairs!