Overcoming the Absence of Curb Appeal for PDR Technicians Part III


Customers are going to want to know if you come to them or them to you. Are you able to come in the evening after dinner? Or can you do the work in their employee’s parking lot? The questions are endless and could include anything. Consider it a pop quiz on your business. Be prepared to deliver a creative yet thorough explanation of services provided. Don’t forget to upsell, this is the perfect opportunity to mention that you also provide interior detailing (if you do) for an additional fee. Most will jump at the chance to have their vehicles remade so to speak, from the inside out. For the customer, what started as a tragedy could very well end in feeling as if they just got a brand new car.  Keep your add-on upsells affordable and appetizing and watch the money fill your bank account.

Always keep in sales mode: This doesn’t mean that you aggressively pursue your potential customers, and yet it does. The main point is to recognize opportunity when you see it. If you are in a grocery store parking lot and you see a fender bender, don’t hesitate to go to both parties and offer up your business card. They may be kicking dirt and spitting at one another now, but eventually the situation will de-escalate which is when you calmly step in and offer up your services. In addition, while you are perusing the parking lot anyway, look for vehicles that are relatively new to new, and check for dings or minor dents. If you find them, and you will, be prepared to leave a flyer on the windshield, facing the driver. Facing the driver means that for a brief second, just before starting their car, they will see your main bolded words ‘Dent Repair’ and just before grabbing it off the windshield and crumbling it up, you will have peaked their curiosity.

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