Overcoming the Absence of Curb Appeal for PDR Technicians Part IV


If you offer more than dent repair, well this is the perfect place to include it, on your flyer. Also, you should mention here that you work with insurance companies on their behalf, making their experience with you effortless for them. Oh, and don’t forget to mention that you come to them. The second reason that people drive around with unsightly dents is because they simply do not have the time to deal with it. Plus, in many cases, this is their only mode of transportation. They can’t go without their vehicles for days at a time. This is your cue, where you stand out over a local body shop, they don’t have to leave their car and you will gladly come to them on their schedule. This is probably the biggest selling point that you have, work it!

Invite your customers and their friends, family and/or co-workers to come and watch you in action. For this purpose, you have now become an entertainer: If you have the opportunity to work in the parking lot of a business complex, you will need to invite the people of the surrounding offices to come see. Get yourself a 10’ x 10’ tent like you see at craft fairs, set it up, drive the car under it, and get to work. Not only will the onlookers be impressed but so will your customer. This shows them that you are concerned about protecting their vehicle while working your magic on it. In truth, it provides a wonderful spot of shade and is a spectacle that will draw attention no matter what. Get yourself banners to attach to two or all four sides of the tent and don’t forget to have all of your advertising paperwork like flyers, coupons and business cards out and available so that you don’t have to stop each time someone asks for one to drag it out of your pocket.

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