Good News! OEM Recycled Parts Industry Wins Lawsuit Part IV


I waited another three days, still no panel. Spoke to the same sales rep who obviously came up with a story out of his ass of how the part that was pulled didn’t pass their “test” and another one wasn’t pulled. I called him on his BS and he turned into a defensive jerk. I got a full refund minus $22 dollars. I really couldn’t bother calling this place back for $22 so I ate it.

Fourth comment: I called this body part recycling and ordered a hood for my 2000 BMW 528i.  I was immediately billed and told the hood would arrive in one week.

One week passed, then two weeks, then three.  Nothing.  Finally I called back, and was told that my hood had been lost in their warehouse. Nobody had bothered to contact me to let me know. The rep assured me that he had another hood and would send it to me, and it would arrive in one week.

Another week passed, then another, then another.  Nothing.  At this point, it had been SIX WEEKS since my card had been charged, and I had nothing to show for it.  I called back, furious, and demanded a refund of my payment, the rep said okay, gave me a “refund number”, and that was that — right?

WRONG.  It is now ten days later, and there has been no refund of any kind. I called back and left a message with their billing dept., and nobody ever called me back.

At this point it has been almost EIGHT WEEKS since my card was charged.

Let’s see if I got this straight:

– They billed me immediately.
– They never shipped anything.
– They never let me know they were not going to ship me anything — I had to call after weeks of waiting.
– They once again promised to ship the part, and once again shipped me nothing, and did not let me know this.
– When I rightly demanded my money back, they said “okay sure” but never actually refunded my payment.
– Even though it’s been eight weeks and the company has never sent me anything of any kind, the billing department seems to have decided to hold on to my payment anyway, and is ignoring my calls.

At first it seemed like extreme negligence, but now it’s starting to look a lot more like fraud. Beware.


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