Good News! OEM Recycled Parts Industry Wins Lawsuit Part III


Third comment, well a jury here is a thought!

We can recycle other things to save insurance companies money since you think this is reasonable and fair. How about Caskets? The previous owner won’t mind and there should not be any complaint from the new owners who are being placed into an only used once before Casket. This could save insurance companies a lot of money, which is good for the consumers at large.

Don’t worry I’m being sarcastic, but I want to make a point, consumers have expectations when they buy insurance and paying premiums for auto insurance is no different than paying premiums for life insurance. So would you want to be placed in a used casket that was perhaps one or two model years old?

Point made.

I can see what these readers and commenter’s are saying. I understand the complaints or points of view of each. I even understand the analogy of the casket, but what is really going on with the delayed delivery of these recycled OEM parts? Let’s start there.

This article was culled from Fender Bender’s News Updates.

After researching this delivery dilemma, I have found that in spite of guarantees and promises of quick shipping, body shops and consumers are not getting what they paid for. Following are some comments with regards to a recycler, whose name shall not be mentioned, who absolutely does not deliver as promised.

I work in the auto body industry and needed a car panel. I ordered it from them and they said it would take three days, so I waited. Three days later and the part hadn’t arrived. I called and said to just cancel it, I’ll order it somewhere else. The guy on the phone was a complete jerk, would not provide a refund and insisted the part was pulled and ready to go.

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