Good News! OEM Recycled Parts Industry Wins Lawsuit Part II


The court also considered whether the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act had any application to the use of salvage/recycled OEM parts. In both parts, the court determined that the defendants did not violate the law.

The ARA has been involved with the case since 2012, when it wrote a letter to the state’s Attorney General in favor of recycled OEM parts, saying the “green” recycled OEM auto parts meet the performance, safety, fit and durability standards of new parts. The ARA also called on the Attorney General’s office to help the people of West Virginia understand that recycled or salvage parts are “OEM parts, fully functional and in many cases identical to original parts.”

Now of course, all of this is just fine and dandy but there is another side to this story as evidenced in some of the comments left. I will clean up the spelling because I just cannot partake of misspelled words, it drives me crazy. Following are the three edited comments, keep in mind these are not my thoughts but I will have something to say in the end, of course:

First comment, I think the Jury needs to have their cars repaired with some salvaged parts and they need to inspect them upon arrival to the shop. I have yet to see a perfect salvaged part. Remember they have been painted and installed on a salvaged vehicle.

Second comment, OEM correct parts I can have next day, recyclers however, take days to get you parts. Not to mention damaged or wrong parts because of so many models. It ruins our cycle time with the insurance company’s and the only ones who suffer are the body shops, but who cares right? Maybe the insurance company is paying Fender Bender some money.

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