Overcoming the Absence of Curb Appeal for PDR Technicians Part VI


To presume that something is common sense is a fatal mistake. If I were to ask you to understand the details of how a Lawyer does their job and what needs to filed where and when, would you understand all of the legal ‘mumbo jumbo’? Absolutely Not! Be patient with your customers, answer the questions that you may feel are dumb with the greatest of kindness.

Pushing for a sell is a car lot salesman’s mentality, or at least used to be. Even they are now taught how to use soft sell techniques. The idea is not to manipulate your customers but to gently guide them into their decisions. With men, this is even a harder task because they are hard wired to believe that the person selling is trying to get over on them. So be prepared, with men, to plant an idea and wait for it to manifest itself. You may not even make the sell on the first visit or phone call but the chances of that person coming back later are greater if you have laid the path correctly.

Once you get into the habit of using your newly honed sells tactics, they will not only come more natural to you but will result in higher closings on your efforts.

Setting up your mobile business for success will take time and focus but your monetary results will be worth every bit of energy that you give it. Make your presence known as a trusted technician by always following your professional tactics and using your collision industry skills. Never take the chance of losing your reputation by using hard sell tactics or poor quality services. Word of mouth is more powerful today than ever before.

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