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What’s In a Business Name? Tons! Part III

Silhouettes are easy to remember, and if you ask anyone, they may not remember the name but they will remember the design. Just recently I heard someone describe the non-profit they contribute to as the one with the hands. See? My point exactly. People are visual but easy on the eyes visual. Not complicated. Which

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What’s In a Business Name? Tons! Part II

Using short, simple and recognizable names were key to the success of these businesses. Of course product and services are high up on the list of what makes a business successful, but it starts with a memorable name. Back in the day, businesses used to name their business with the phone book in mind. Basically,

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What’s In a Business Name? Tons! Part I

So what’s in a name? If your answer is nothing, then you could not be further from the truth. So many will choose a name that is not only unrelated to their business, but most often times, absolutely ridiculous. Your business needs to be professionally branded and can’t be if you have chosen a name

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Light Vehicle Market Update Part III

Engineering plastics will remain the leading polymer type through the forecast period, having successfully supplanted metals in a number of applications based on advantages such as their ability to enhance design freedom. Demand for high-performance composites will rise rapidly from a small base due to the materials’ substantial vehicle weight savings potential, although their high

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Light Vehicle Market Update Part II

Without question, regulatory pressure is the driving force behind these new demands. The most obvious and yet most complicated way to lighten up a vehicle is in both the exterior and structural components. The development of lightweight materials that are suitable for use in structural applications is what will provide the greatest weight savings overall.

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Light Vehicle Market Update Part I

In the news again is more information about aluminum and its affect not only on the Automotive Industry as a whole, but also the Collision Repair Industry. The materials used to build light vehicles will dictate how you as a Paintless Dent Repair technician will repair them. At this point in the game, there is

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