The 2-day Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating class at Ding King Auto Detail School is designed to provide comprehensive training on the processes involved in paint correction and ceramic coating application. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from this class:

  1. Paint Correction Techniques:
    • You will learn various paint correction techniques, including machine polishing, compounding, and polishing pads selection.
    • Understanding different types of paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and water spots, and how to effectively correct them.
    • Hands-on practice using dual-action polishers, rotary polishers, and other professional-grade equipment to restore and enhance paintwork.
  2. Ceramic Coating Application:
    • Introduction to ceramic coatings and their benefits, such as protection against UV damage, chemical stains, and fading.
    • Selection of the appropriate ceramic coating for different surfaces and paint types.
    • Surface preparation techniques, including decontamination, claying, and proper cleaning methods to ensure a pristine surface.
    • Hands-on training on the application of ceramic coatings, including proper application techniques, curing times, and removal methods.
  3. Understanding Surface Evaluation:
    • How to evaluate the condition of the paintwork, identify imperfections, and determine the level of correction required.
    • Utilizing paint depth gauges and inspection lighting to assess paint thickness and detect hidden defects.
    • Proper use of paint correction tools, such as polishers, pads, and compounds, to achieve optimal results.
  4. Paint Protection Strategies:
    • Overview of paint protection options, including ceramic coatings, paint sealants, and wax applications.
    • Exploring the benefits and limitations of different paint protection products.
    • Understanding the maintenance and care required to extend the longevity of paint protection.
  5. Safety and Best Practices:
    • Emphasis on safety procedures, including proper ventilation, protective equipment, and safe handling of chemicals and equipment.
    • Best practices for efficient and effective paint correction and ceramic coating application.
    • Tips and techniques for avoiding common mistakes and achieving professional-quality results.

The 2-day Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating class at Ding King Auto Detail School provides a hands-on learning experience with guidance from experienced instructors. It equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform paint correction and ceramic coating services professionally and confidently.

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