Rv Door Locks

Rv Door Locks

Generally, RV camps are safe. However, theft can still happen anywhere. That’s why getting the right door lock is crucial. Locks keep both the exterior and interior doors closed when need be, providing security, privacy, and peace of mind. At RV Parts Center, we have RV door locks in a variety of designs and sizes. There are also options available for RV owners looking for electric or manual locks.

How Can You Keep Your RV Safe When Camping?

RVs can be an easy target for burglars as they can drive away with your trailer and valuables inside. RV crime is on the rise and has become a concern for camper owners. If you’re new to the camping life or an experienced RV traveler, here are tips on how to keep your family, valuables, and RV safe while camping:

  • If you can, park in crowded areas, such as a campsite. This makes it hard for intruders to break into your camper.
  • Invest in strong doors and locks that only you can open. It’s better to spend a considerable amount on a good quality door lock than going for a cheaper one, which can be easily tampered with.

What Should You Consider When Looking for an RV Lock?

When purchasing locks for your RV doors, you should consider the following:

  • Quality – Strength and durability are vital qualities to look for in door locks. The locks should be able to withstand any type of attempted tampering. In addition, the more unbreakable they are, the better.
  • Features – Nowadays, you can choose between locks with keys and those that use codes. Some locks allow the use of both. It’s up to you to decide which one you’re more comfortable with. The more unique your lock is, the safer it will be as it will discourage thieves from breaking into your RV.
  • Ease of Use – Look for a lock that’s easy to install and use. This will ensure that you don’t spend a lot of time stressing on getting the door open each time you want to leave or enter your camper.

Types of Locks Available for RV Doors

The following are some of the kinds of locks available for RVs:

  • Paddle Locks – Paddle locks are generally made up of a cylinder where you insert a key to lock or unlock your RV.
  • Keyless Locks – These locks are simple to operate. You only need to input a code on the keypad to lock or unlock your camper. Keyless locks also come with the option of using a key, which is useful when the lock has run out of power, or you have forgotten the code.
  • Handle Locks – For this kind of lock, the key is inserted in a keyhole that comes with the handle, which is attached to the door and not separate, as is the case with paddle locks.

Before deciding on which type of lock to buy, find out about the manufacturer’s reputation. Also, consider whether a particular lock suits your needs.

Get the Lock You Need

At RV Parts Center, we have been around for more than five decades, and have made sure to keep up with the latest trends in the RV industry. As such, we have a variety of premium quality and secure RV door locks in our inventory. Contact us today on 714-703-8200 for more details about door locks.

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