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carpet_protectorsOk, so you’ve cleaned the interior carpets and have even dyed them to look brand new. The next step is simple; apply Plastic Carpet Protectors. They will help to enhance your retail customer’s thoughts about your thorough auto detail and for your auto dealership you do business with, it will improve their vehicles image with “Dealer Must Remove” plastic floor mats.

They protect carpeting during:

  • Demos
  • Transport
  • Maintenance
  • and are excellent for cars, trucks or vans.

carpet_protection_filmApplication is easy. Simply unroll sheets of self-adhesive carpet protective film at perforation, tear it off and fit to the carpeted area. Each piece of film is 3-mil thick and is printed with “Dealer Must Remove”. Unlike the old paper mats, these won’t crumple or shred, which often leaves the carpeting unprotected and dirty. Best of all, they give a used car that “new look feel”. Auto Dealers everywhere are starting to request the installation of these carpet protectors on both the driver and passenger side for all their pre-owned vehicles. They install quickly and efficiently with dealerships paying up to $20 a car with a product cost of only $2. Better yet, each car takes less than 5 minutes to install and is growing in popularity.